10 Steps to Unleash Your Creativity on a Hoodie

The hoodie is a fashion-conscious individual’s best friend. It is that utility garment that not only takes care of our basic physical comfort and protection but also takes our style and oomph to a different level. The hoodie is available to the user in a number of forms depending upon the shape, size, pattern, texture, color, design, logo, etc. A few examples of different hoodies are the Naughty by Nature hoodie, King Queen Thrasher hoodie, etc. That apart the hoodie can also be custom designed according to one’s own taste, preference, and couture. It is this special attribute of the hoodie that makes it stand apart in its own right as an interesting outfit option for one and all.

An interesting way to adorn the hoodie is embroidery. It is an intricate art of colorful threads that are knitted together into ornate designs of different types. Often the art of embroidery lends an ethnic appeal of yore to the surface that it is embedded in. Hence an embroidered hoodie is an innovative idea which takes the modern style statement to traditional heights making it even more suitable for family occasions, out-of-the-box fashion outings and friendship moments like picnics, etc. However, embroidery on a hoodie is a matter of extensive practice.

Let us Follow a Comprehensive Guideline to Inculcate your Favorite Embroidery on Your Hoodie

Choose the Right Hoodie

There are different styles of hoodies, for example, the Dream Chasers hoodie, Mac Miller hoodie, etc. Embroidered hoodies work best on thicker cotton blends. The heavier the fabric the better the chance of holding the design best on its surface. Further, it is advisable to get a blank hoodie to mold it properly.          
Test your project: It is better to try out the design on a similar piece of spare cloth to know how it is coming out. Just a part of the design is enough to tell you the creative viability of the task undertaken.    

Pre-wash the Garment

Washing the garment before the work is undertaken ensures minimum shrinkage thus making the work appear as it is even after regular washing. Also, a pre-wash ensures the removal of any extra dye that might have remained on the cloth from before.

Choose the Right Design

All designs have a template that must be tested to know the placement of the design. It is better not to choose a design with an intricate pattern. Horizontal and medium shaped designs look better on a hoodie than large and vertical ones.
Position the design: After washing it is important to position the design with a ruler and the template to center it properly. A washable fabric pencil is advisable to mark the cloth so that the marks do not remain once the whole work is done. Also reviewing the design placement for a while from a distance helps to keep it placed at the center.  

Stabilize the Material

A stabilizing material is important to keep the material from stretching and to keep it in shape. The stabilizing material can be attached to the inside of the hoodie. There are different types of stabilizing materials that come in different thickness which must be chosen depending upon the type of embroidery being done.   
Put away excess material: The extra material that gets rolled or bunched up while working on the embroidery can be eliminated by rolling up the excess matter and using clips to keep the main material neat. Place your hand on the material while working the design on the machine.

Take the Right Needle

While embroidering the hoodie it is always advisable to use the smallest needle possible whether you are embroidering by hand or by the machine. A large needle creates larger holes in the fabric causing the edges of the embroidered area to pull and stretch the material over time.    

Choose the Right Hoop Size

The embroidery hoop is meant to keep the fabric stable. Choosing the correct type of embroidery hoop is important whether you are working by hand or by machine. The hoops must be large enough to enable embroidering the entire design without repositioning it multiple times.

Make it Tidy

Clean up the extra threads along with any stabilizing material that might have been used at the back of the material in order to make the material look tidy.    
Follow these easy and simple steps to customize your hoodie your way. You can also come to Custom Teez PDX to get a readymade hoodie of your choice to take on the world of ever-changing fashion.