5 Tricks Of Wearing Hoodies For Men

As far as the men’s fashion is concerned, it is not limited to just runway outfits; there is more to it. At Custom Teez, we are here to discuss how hoodies can be worn in many different ways. Be it Subaru hoodie, or the classic hoodie, it is important that you know how to wear this outfit to look as fresh as you wish.

Hoodies make a great fashion statement on its own, and it makes sense that you know how best to pull it off. If you are wondering how hoodies can elevate your look altogether, here is what you want to know.


Whether you are into innovative fashion or like to be in your comfort zone, here are some useful ideas that will surely add wings to your imagination.

Layering up

Hoodies are outfits that simply fit everyone’s style and preference. They are a stylish piece that anyone can pull off. People often make a common mistake that they tend to make hoodies for granted. They, by default, wear hoodies as a baggy outfit. However, there are more ways to style a hoodie than just wearing it singly.

Layering your favorite hoodie with different outfits can do the trick. If you love to experiment with different looks of the hoodie on you, consider pairing it with a t-shirt underneath. You can also put on a jacket on top of your hoodie.

The monochrome magic

Do you prefer wearing outfits that are monochrome in color? If yes, then this tip is just for you. in fact, solid colors help create a casual look. At the same time, it makes one look sophisticated. When buying a hoodie, make sure you get your hands on something in heather gray or white.

Leather jackets

You would be left surprised to know how a simple hoodie is enough to pair it with a leather jacket. Being versatile in nature, both the outfits can be worn together, not to mention the endless options that you can consider trying.   

Go beyond your boundaries with hybrid

Mixing and matching different outfits is fun. Matching oversized hoodies with zippers, hoodie-jacket, and hoodie-blazers is something that you would not regret.

Go for a tailored look

The casualness of hoodies is commendable. Why not pair your hoodie with tailored outfits, which are sophisticated? The right tailored outfit with the right fabric goes a long way if you carry it right.