5 Unique Hoodies that will Change Your Appearance this Winter

Do you know that the word hoodie comes from the word ‘hod’ which is actually an Anglo Saxon word? Furthermore, the term ‘hoodie’ came into existence in the 1990s and now it is a favorite outfit of most people in the current times. In actuality, the traces of hoodie can found back in the 12th-century medieval period. This style of the hoodie was most evident amidst monks, chaperons as well as amongst outdoor workers. However, the style of hoodie actually started spreading with the release of the movie “Rocky” during the year of 1976.

However, there is no need to go into the details about the history of hoodie because we are here to know the top unique hoodies that can separate your fashion sense from the rest others in the crowd. Check the following top unique hoodies as illustrated by The Customteez in the given below points.

The Black Hoodies

You might be raising your eyebrows thinking that what could be so special about black hoodies. However, you forgot to think that the color black is a classic one and very few people consider wearing this deep dark color when choosing a hoodie in the current times. A black hoodie is actually a beautiful odd fashion which not only attracts attention in the public but fashion connoisseurs do respect people who choose black hoodie as their fashion outfit. In this case, you can buy the TDE hoodie because it comes with mechanical designs and shapes as well as with many other ideas as a print on the hoodie.

Baja Hoodies

Have you heard about Baja hoodies?  Well, they arrived fifty years ago from Mexico, where it was manufactured out of soft fabric. The Baja hoodies have a hippie touch to its style and prints which make it appear more unique than the other hoodies in the market. It is also considered as a fantastic option when it comes to buying jackets. A unique aspect of this kind of hoodie is that it comes with colorful designs of green, red, black and gold which makes it a favorite choice for most people who love wearing a hoodie.  

Designer Hoodies

Well, these hoodies are mostly available in costly brands which could be found either on the online websites or at the retail stores known for selling quality brand clothing. Furthermore, these hoodies come with various designs and usually have the logo of the company on them. Compared to the various popular hoodies, the designer hoodies come with various features and are extra-thick or are made from extra-soft materials. Logic hoodies are one of the best examples for designer hoodies in contemporary times.

The fur Hoodies

The fur hoodies are popular in the market and you might also have seen it on your friends or in the crowd. They come in various designs, colors and styles. Especially worn during the cold months, they are preferred mostly by people who want to remain warm in the chilly temperatures as well as appear fashionable at the same time.

The zip-up Hoodies

The zip-up hoodies are not so popular because most people usually prefer over-head hoodies while purchasing any hoodie from the market. However, there is a classification because there is the zip-up hoodies as well as the pullover hoodie style in the present market. The zip-up hoodie allows the wearer to zip the entire jacket from the bottom to the top or you can leave it on the halfway in terms of your comfort and style. It is available in various sizes, colors and styles plus it looks unique when worn with complementing layers on the inside.

Hence, now that you are aware of the top unique hoodies in the current times then make sure to choose the best brand and fabric before buying a hoodie from the market.