5 Unique Ways to Dress Your Hoodie in the Perfect Way during Winters

No man’s wardrobe is complete without 1 or two hoodies. As the street style, the hoodie gives you the ultimate combination of style and comfort. Whether you want to wear the Kodak black sweatshirt or the normally printed hoodie, you should know how to pair it with the right bottom wear. The hoodies or the sweatshirts should be paired in the right manner so that you look fashionable during the winters as well. The sweatshirts are the best during the cold months.

This is the guide that provides you with ideas regarding how you can pair your hoodie and look cool during cooler climate-

As the Part of the Layered Look

As much we are saying about the importance and style quotient of the hoodie, do not think that wearing one is not enough to make the fashion statement. But, when you use it as the part of the layered look, the hoodie can be surprisingly good. To have this look, you can wear the zip-up hoodie over the crew-neck t-shirt and then add the overcoat or the jackets. You can wear slim jeans and trainers to make this look cooler.

Give the Athleisure Look

Whenever the comfort and the coolness match together, you will be sure that you will look like the enthusiastic cheerleaders. To get the athleisure look, you can wear the black hoodie like the Naughty by Nature Hoodie with the fitted joggers and pair it with the minimal leather sneakers to give the sporty look.

Pair It Under the Leader Jacket

If you are not fond of the high-low mix, you can carry your old traditional style. The leather jacket paired with the hoodie combination is one of those great combinations that work great. Custom Teez offers unique designs of hoodies and sweatshirts that perfectly go with any outfit during the winter months. You can get this winter wear at affordable prices from this online store.  You can wear the leather jacket over the hoodie and pair it with the denim.

Pair with the Tailoring

If you are planning the wear the hoodie with the format suit or the blazer, it will give the perfect corporate book with the look attitude. To get this look, you can try out the grey hoodie with the charcoal colored grey suit and pair it with the lace-up sneakers in the place of work shoes.

Pair with the Trousers

If you want to get a mix of the smart and the casual look, you can pair your hoodie with the pair of trousers. Believe me, you will look good. To get this look, you can wear a neutral colored hoodie and then pair it with the trousers and sports sneakers. You can go for a little different as like the pinstripes and the checks that will suit you best.

These are the 5 unique ways you can pair your hoodie or sweatshirt. To buy some unique designs of the hoodie, you can check the site of Custom Teez, one of the largest platforms to buy hoodies and sweatshirts.