A Handpicked Bouquet of 5 Hoodies that are Best Suited for Men

The hoodie is a man’s best friend. This unique piece of clothing goes a long way in bringing out the best dapper dude in a man in many different ways. The essence of the hoodie lies in its dual role of accentuating the cool and carefree attitude of the man at the same time bringing out his handsome formal self whenever required. That apart the hoodie is easy to wear, durable, offered on a large canvas of designs, shapes, sizes, logos, colors, dimensions, and style. Thus it is the single most desirable garment for a man at an affordable price to choose.

The hoodie is available in umpteen splendors. Some of the examples of the different kinds of hoodies are the Xxxtentacion sweatshirt, Honda racing hoodie, etc. The versatility of the hoodie notwithstanding they have to be selected with great care as not all hoodies are suitable for all types of men’s bodies. Out of the eclectic bouquet of hoodies, one has to select the one for him based on his individual fashion taste, purpose, physical suitability, an occasion to wear, price, etc. Here we present five selected forms of the hoodie licked over a wide variety of choices which can be considered for your formal as well as casual haute couture.                     

Fleece Hoodie

This hoodie is essentially designed out of a typical blend of cotton and nylon fabric. These hoodies are textured to give enough comfort in different designs and colors which vary from black, rose, or heather grey among others. Nice wear to keep the cold away and look good.

Pullover Hoodie

The pullover hoodie does more to you than just keeping you warm. It saves you the trouble of zipping and unzipping every time you need to wear it. It is also stretchy available in a lot of color options which vary from multicolored hues to single and solid bloc colors. For example, the Mac Miller hoodie.

Full-zip Hoodie

Full zip hoodies come with a front open style statement which is men’s classic fashion. The zip-up hoodie has a timeless appeal. It often comes with draw-strings, and ribbed trim at the cuffs and hem making it a perfect item for everyday keep in a man’s wardrobe.

Jersey Hoodie

The jersey hoodie is as simple an outfit aa it gets. Normally they are made of straight-forward 100% cotton with a comfortable fleece backing and drawstring hood. It serves the basic purpose of a hoodie that is cover and protection with a dash of style and sophistication woven into it.     

Sweater Hoodie

This is an almost tropical hooded sweatshirt which is made from a fabric woven from four different cotton yarns – rendering it a worn-in, textured look. A great piece of garment with a classy look to put on in order to ward off the extra coldness on those chilly winter nights.       

There are many more types of hoodies that are designed for men apart from these few basic picks. Custom Teez PDX is the company that provides you the right hoodie for the right occasion.