For men, a hoodie is a true friend. Hoodies are something that no one can ever go wrong with. Being the most versatile clothing option available, hoodies can be worn in any season, no matter the occasion. Be it a Thrasher cartoon shirt, or a Grey sniper gang hoodie, you will feel comfortable as they are lightweight, neutral.

If you are the kind of person who loves fashion more than anything, with a decent hoodie look, you are good to rock your style. It is just about knowing how to pull off a hoodie, and there you go!

At Custom Teez, we have a handful of suggestions for you, if experimenting with hoodies is something that tickles your fancy. Here is what you want to know about wearing hoodies with style:

Layer up

Hoodies are just as versatile as they can ever get. When it is about wearing a hoodie in style, layering your favorite hoodie with another piece of outfit seems to be very common yet worth your while. Hoodies look best on anyone, especially when they are worn with another garment. You just want to make the right choice and pair your hoodie with a shirt that goes well with your look.

The monochrome magic

If you are someone who likes simple and plain colors, you can go monochrome anytime anywhere. Plain and solid colors do create a sense of sophistication like no other. Well, if it suits, you can choose muted mustards, burnt siennas or maroons – these are also very bold colors to go for.

The leather jacket effect

If you want to create a fashion statement, what is better than a look of the leather jacket worn with a hoodie? Hoodies and jackets are two different outfit options, and surprisingly, they look best when worn together. All you need is to gain confidence and know how to pull off the look.

Go beyond traditional boundaries

Want to achieve a look that is far from the traditional feeling? Oversized hoodies, hoodie-blazer hybrid, hoodies with zippers are just some of the few examples of outfit options that you can try. Do not worry about anything as you will look as sophisticated as you think you would.

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