Adding a Modern Touch to Your Hoodie Wearing Practice

Today, a hoodie is part of almost everyone’s life and wardrobe around the world. The piece of clothing has become the embodiment of a casual, edgy, cool, and smart look. Wearing an FTP hoodie can be so much more than just a casual ensemble thrown together in a hurry. It is time to introduce some modern touches to this comfortable attire and mix things up in a satisfying way.

A Modern Touch to Your Familiar Hoodie

You can experiment with a hoodie in several ways. It is not merely the item you put on for a stroll around the block or to visit the local coffee shop. It can very well be part of your formal look or a completely casual look for a gathering with friends. In short, there are too many opportunities to explore. The different ways in which you can wear a hoodie are:

Part of a Layered Look 

You can very well create a nice layered look with an unassuming hoodie in the mix. It may not seem so, but when applied in real life, you will find that, not only the hoodie will give warmth and comfort but add a nice edge to the layered look. Though, you need to choose the other layers rather carefully.

Part of the Leisure Look 

One of the most important and satisfying achievement is creating the perfect combination of cool and comfortable. By choosing your hoodies carefully and going for some customized pieces, you can create that look perfectly.

With a Leather Jacket 

This is a combination which is bound to surprise, but the effect will be a pleasant one. Wearing a hoodie under a leather jacket is not common. It brings a feeling of softness to the leather jacket wearing cool look. At the same time, the jacket gives the hoodie a nice edge to remain noticeable even in a crowd. The best part is, it is a classic look that remains relevant notwithstanding the season. So, you will appear fashionable without trying too hard, which is a success story in itself.

Trying with the Tailored Combination 

Wearing a hoodie with tailored clothes is the ultimate bow to the high and low combination. You can match a G Eazy hoodie with a blazer or suit. It will create a look that is impressive, interesting, and suave. You can try the same combination with another spin by pairing the hoodie with a pair of tailored trousers. The smart and casual look will be an instant hit.

To Conclude the Search for Combos 

It is quite clear now that a hoodie can be a part of your wardrobe even outside your home or bedroom. Along with offering warmth, comfort, and a casual touch, it can very well be the perfect part of your smart or cool ensemble. All you need is a selection of ingeniously designed customized pieces, your imagination, instinct, and confidence. Custom Teez can help with the first part, with their interesting selection of hoodies. The ensemble you will create will be impressive, provided you don’t go overboard. Following the trends can do wonders too. You need to give them a chance.