An Ultimate Guide To Wear Hoodies In Style

A hoodie gets you an undeniable comfort and the most coveted warmth. For years, hoodies have been a clothing choice for teenagers, office-goers; even celebrities are seen in hoodies. Fashion hoodies are guy’s favorite as they are not only versatile but also comfortable. That means one can throw a hoodie on  for just about any occasion.

Moreover, you can layer a Honda hoodie virtually with anything from your wardrobe. However, to look your best, it is important to know how to pick the right hoodie and style it.

At Custom Teez, we intend to guide you in picking and styling a hoodie that suits your personality. So, keep on reading.

Hoodies - a fashion choice

Before diving into how to style a hoodie, it helps to know what a hoodie is. Essentially, a hoodie is a hooded sweatshirt that comes with an attached hood. Thanks to the rise of hip-hop culture in the nineties, hooded sweatshirts turned out to be a popular garment choice for guys who love to stay comfortable and stylish at the same time.

Initially, hoodies were made popular by athletes. These days, every guy can be seen in hoodies. The reason behind the hoodie being popular is that they are comfortable and offer warmth. Hoodies are meant to keep your body warm during winter. The material used in the hoodie helps to retain the heat inside. Whether you are going for a walk or gym, a hoodie is the best choice that shields your body from winter.

While there are hoodies that can only be worn during winter, you can also find hoodies to wear throughout the year. From heavy-duty to lightweight- hoodies are available in all materials out there. Some hoodies feature front pockets that you can use for storage or keeping your hands warm.

What to look for in a hoodie?

Classic hoodies are made of either cotton or about 85% of cotton with polyester, making them durable, washable, and stain-resistant. So if you are looking for a hoodie that is comfortable and functional, go for something in cotton or cotton-polyester mix.

Tips for styling a hoodie

Before throwing a hoodie on your body, make sure you follow these tips to achieve the most desired look.

Achieve the right balance

The key to making the right balance is to pair your hoodie with pants featuring solid colors. Never go for an equally attention-grabbing pair of bottoms and hoodies, as it can lose the effect.

Lounge with style

Couple your fashion hoodie with lounge pants, or you can opt for sweatpants. It depends on what makes you feel confident and comfortable.

Go for jeans

Denim goes well with any outfits. A hoodie with denim is every guy’s best friend. Pair your favorite hoodia with basic jeans.

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