An Ultimate Hoodie Buying Guide For Guys

Are you looking for a hoodie to look fashionable? When it comes to hoodies, comfort and style are the two elements that every man looks for in one.

Making the right purchase is a must when it comes to buying a nipsey hussle hoodie. You want to check its fit, material, style, and more to look good. This guide will help you buy a hoodie that suits your style best.

Factors you want to look for in a hoodie

The fit

Hoodies should fit two ways: slim fit and loose. When it comes to hoodies, there is nothing like a wrong fit. In fact, it depends on the kind of look you are after. If you are after a more comfortable look, you will buy a hoodie that is baggy and boxy. On the other hand, slim-fit hoodies are those that want their outfit to be hugging and are great for a casual look.


French terry

This material is something that makes a hoodie look premium. This is a high-quality, comfortable, and soft material that men love to wear.

This fabric is nothing but knitted terry cloth, which is woven to enable it to be soft and absorb perspiration in a larger amount. This material is either a hundred percent cotton or a mix of cotton and polyester.

Hoodies’ styles

Hoodies come in different styles, shapes, and materials. The most common types of hoodies are pullovers and zip-up hoodies.


Pullover hoodies are a great choice for those who enjoy that warmth in their clothes. These are a popular outfit option among men as they give the wearers a more relaxed and casual look.  

If you are looking for something comfortable to wear in winter, go for pullover hoodies. They are enough to give you that warm feeling in the colder months.

Zip ups

Zip-up hoodies are for those that want to show off their physique. They come with zippers that you can keep open or close according to the need. If you intend to show off your cool t-shirt underneath the hoodie, best to wear zip-up hoodies.

Weight of the hoodie

The weight of a hoodie means a lot at times. It can indicate the quality and durability of your hoodie. For example, suppose you need a warmer, softer, and higher quality hoodie. In that case, a heavier hoodie is what you want to go for.

By heavy, we mean you can feel the weight, but it will not be uncomfortable to wear. Heavier hoodies are designed to be more comfortable. And quality-wise, these are something you want to invest your money on.


When it comes to layering, nothing can beat the performance of hoodies. If you make a conscious choice with hoodies, layering would be more fun. You can easily make a casual outfit look fabulous on you. With hoodies; you can pair anything and everything in your closet. Be it long tees, denim jackets, or overcoats; layering can up your layering game anytime.