Buying Guide, Tips And Tricks To Style Sweatshirts

Sweatshirts are a seasonless classic that suits every body type and shape. Not to mention they are easy to pull off as a part of layering. There is no doubt why sweatshirts have not gone out of style, and today they hold a firm place in all categories of men's apparel, including designer to luxe. In fact, they are comfortable to wear and go well with almost anything in a man's wardrobe. 

Comfort and versatility are the two significant perks of sweatshirts. They are easy to wear for a street or casual look. A Juice wrld sweatshirt is flattering and an everyday staple in men's fashion wardrobe.

The origin of sweatshirts 

Sweatshirts were the first clothing item that came with logos, turning everyone into a walking advertisement for the brands. Initially, they were made for football players in America back in 1920. The material used in it was cotton, which made this garment comfortable to wear during a workout. 

In the 50s', sweatshirts came into the spotlight as Ivy League students started wearing them on campus, displaying their team and school's name. 

In 1980, when the hip-hop culture had taken over the world, the style soon went urban. Today not a single wardrobe is there that does not feature a sweatshirt. From kids, surfers, athleisure, minimalists to skateboarders, there are styles to suit everyone.

Wearing guide for sweatshirts

A decent sweatshirt can be worn as a piece of sportswear, easy to create a smart-casual look. Pick a slim fit sweatshirt that is neutral in color and pair it with chinos and sneakers. Sweatshirts can be worn under a coat or jacket. If you are a fan of a casual look, try bomber jackets with a sweatshirt.

Classic trends of wearing sweatshirts

The classic grey marl sweatshirt is an evergreen basic, part of every man's wardrobe. Couple it with a denim jacket and chinos for a loungewear look.

Short sleeve sweatshirts are either sporty or a little bit oversized. These sweatshirts are made using a cotton-jersey fabric.

Embroidery and motif

Embroidered motifs can easily turn a sweatshirt into an outfit's main attraction. If it suits your style, you can match this design according to your personality, revealing your brand affiliation in a silent way.

Buying guide for a sweatshirt


While buying clothing items, make sure you choose a size that goes well with your body type. The idea of bigger outfits might be tempting (as it makes you feel more comfortable); however, this is the biggest mistake to make. Always buy the right size while buying a sweatshirt.


Sweatshirts are versatile and come in a whole lot of design types. Choosing the right design that reflects your personality is crucial. Do not forget the occasion. Wearing a sweatshirt anywhere is not something you should feel afraid of. However, keep the occasion in mind while getting your hands on one.


Nobody wants to make the mistake of opting for a sweatshirt that is of poor quality. Make sure to purchase your clothing from verified online stores, if you are too lazy to get out. Do not fall for cheap items, as you would not want to invest in something that would not last long. Good quality clothes are expensive, and compromising with the quality is not the right thing to do.

To wrap up

Sweatshirts are, no doubt, the most appealing and relaxing outfit option for many. Sweatshirts are an excellent way to create a nice and preppy look, no matter the occasion. The versatility of this outfit speaks for itself, and the surprising fact is that sweatshirts can suit almost all body types. If you are thinking of buying good quality sweatshirts, visit our website to explore a wide variety of designs, colors, and styles.