Color Matching Style Guide For Men

When it comes to apparel, understanding colors is one thing, and understanding style is entirely different. Color, to be precise, is an integral part of our everyday life. It vastly influences how we think or feel. Apparently, it might not ring a bell, but it is a fact that learning color theory is the first step to become a stylish man.

The colors you choose to speak a lot about you and how you are perceived. At Custom Teez, we are going to give you an insight into how color plays an important role in men’s fashion so that you can implement different colors into your outfit.

Color Combination for Guys Clothing

Color theory is an interesting part of men’s clothing. Wondering how to use it in your style? Suppose you want to wear a hoodie, here we discuss some of the classic color combinations that you can use. These color combos are something that you cannot go wrong with.

White and navy

This is the finest combination of colors that every man wants to try once. The contrast between white and navy is very profound. Pick a navy-blue thrasher hoodie and wear it with a white t-shirt. Finish off the look with white chinos and a pair of oxford shoes.

Grey and black

This color combination gives anyone a subtle look. The subtlety in these two colors creates a classic contrast, without giving your look a loud touch. The tint in grey reflects nicely while pairing with black clothing. To achieve a classic look, throw a grey hoodie with a black polo shirt underneath. Black jeans would work well with this look.

Khaki and green

Military wear influences menswear heavily. The military combination of khaki and green is excellent for men to rock. Moreover, this combination gives your look a lumber jack vibe. Wear a khaki hoodie with a pair of green jeans or formals or vice versa.

Cream and brown

Want to achieve a laidback look? A cream and brown combination is the answer. Pick a cream-colored hoodie to pair it with a light blue t-shirt underneath, and finish of the look with brown denim.

Brown and Burgundy

Dark red or burgundy mixed with the color brown is a passionate combination that any man can wear. If you are looking for something with a scholarly vibe, picking outfits in brown and burgundy is not bad.

Pink and grey

Want to remain low-key yet edgy? The color grey has an understated tone to it, while pale pink instantly adds the spice to your look.

White and black

Last but not least, the white and black color combination is our all-time classic. No one can go wrong with these two colors. The contrast between white and black gives you an elegant look. Above all, the look it creates is somewhat formal – in case you are going for a formal office meeting.  

Closing thoughts

Mixing and matching different colors is an important part of every guy’s style. The color we choose says a lot about us; it speaks for our style and how we want the world to see us. Color matching may seem to be tricky, but it does not have to be. Now that you have got some inspiration, it is time to rock your look.

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