Confused about styling your hoodie? Here is everything you wanted to know

We can all agree to the fact that the hoodie is our favorite outfit that we like to wear on almost every occasion. Not only because they are very comfortable, but are also versatile outfits that you can depend on when other garments fail to meet the requirement. Also, hoodies can create the best style statements when you layer up with other garments during the cold days. However, looking at different hoodies can also confuse someone about making a fashion statement in a crowd.  

Don’t worry because we have gathered the best tips from fashion experts that will help you to experiment with your new hoodie and accentuate your style at the same time. 

Today, you will find unique collections of different popular brands, but before you start exploring them, make sure to remember the points given below.

Retro cool

The first thing that you can try is a cropped hoodie with a Technicolor design, it works perfectly when it comes to tricking people into wondering that you are headed to the gym. To make an eyebrow-raising fashion statement, you just need high-waist skinny jeans and canvas shoes. In the case of a layering clothing piece, you can go for a neon sports bra as nothing is wrong with mixing colors for creating a retro-inspired look.

Parka over a hoodie

The modern culture of the '70s and the 60's were heavily into the usage of parkas. It was nothing less than a dressing gear for them to use when riding their Vespas and creates an appearance that is both practical and fashionable. Putting on a sniper gang hoodie into the mix is a kind of paying homage to British subculture and gives it a modern touch in the mix.

You can stay simple by picking a hoodless parka in the shade of green or dark blue. Also, go with a black one when you are seeking a clean monotone look. To offer a finishing touch to the look, go for a grey colored hoodie under it along with dark-colored chinos.

Denim jacket over a hoodie

Even though it's quite a common look and it's been there for a while, its current reincarnation has adorned many fashion magazine pages plus earned several likes on the social media pages.

It is proof of how rock music had an influence on bringing out a different side of fashion culture over the last few years. To create a striking look, that will fit into any style, choose a light blue or acid wash denim jacket and remember to pair it with a black or grey hoodie under it.

Contemporary urban style

If you want a modern look without the flash then this is the style you are searching for. So all you need is a grey, black or navy colored hoodie and put a bomber jacket of your choice on top of it. 

The best way to finish the look is by a pair of dark jeans and some minimum sneakers into the mix. 

So what do you think about the tips discussed above? For more information and choices in hoodie, visit Custom Teez today.