Different Factors to Consider When Purchasing Hoodies

In today’s world, hoodies are multi-faceted garments. Whether men, women or kids, all wear BWA hoodie and it serves different purposes like providing warmth in the winter to serving as a stylish fashion accessory that adds another element to your look. Finding the right one for you comes to several factors, starting with the material used to make it.

The Material

It is important to consider the outer and inner material when you are buying a hoodie. Some common types of materials that are used to make hoodies are:

  • Cotton

It is the most popular material for men’s hoodies. They are breathable, soft and help to keep the body warm due to the cotton’s insulation properties.

  • Wool

Wool provides better protection against the cold than cotton.

  • Polyester

Some hoodies consist of cotton/polyester blend, very rarely they are of 100% polyester. It has an elastic feel that is resistant to deformation and wrinkling.

  • Fleece

Fleece ranks up with wool and cotton about popular hoodie material. It is very lightweight and also very comfortable to wear.

  • Fur

It is a go-to hoodie lining material for men who want some extra protection against the winter’s harsh elements. It is difficult to beat fur for overall warmth.


The best thing about logic hoodies is that you will get plenty of types from which you can choose- pullover, zipper, Baja, skull, fur and more.

Sleeve length

The common hoodie sleeve length is the long sleeve. There are also other options like three-quarter sleeves, no sleeves, short sleeves etc.


Many men prefer the look of a plain and simple hoodie with no graphics or prints woven into it. Some also love unique graphic designs that depict everything from a specific cause to favorite sports team.  There are chances that there are hoodies that fits your style perfectly.

Body type

You should consider your body type and specific build always whenever you go to buy for a hoodie or any clothing. Height is another factor to consider when you are purchasing a hoodie. Try to avoid oversized hoodies if you are on the shorter side as they will make you look broader and overemphasize your height deficit. Look for a hoodie that extends to beyond your belt and has a slim fit.


You should also check a hoodie’s seams inside and out before you buy it.  Look for stitching that lies evenly and flat.


Some of the most preferable hoodies have a higher price tag. There is nothing wrong paying an extra for something that is of high quality and also promises to last you for a longer time. Higher cost doesn’t always guarantee higher quality.  So you should consider all the factors before plunking down a sizable chunk of change for a hoodie.

So consider these 7 factors when you are buying a hoodie for you. You can check Custom Teez. We have some amazing collection of hoodies.