Do’s And Don’ts of Wearing Hoodies for Men

Are you a hoodie fan? When it comes to men’s fashion, it is not just restricted to runway outfits. Wearing hoodies makes a fashion statement for men and is a great way to look fresh and stylish at the same time.

Hoodies are no longer a gym outfit and are a great option to wear, even in the streets as well. Whether choosing a workplace outfit, or a restaurant meeting, one can easily consider hoodies as an all-time outfit.

At Custom Teez, there is a wide range of hoodies, sweatshirts, NF shirts that you can buy at an affordable price. When it comes to hoodies, you will want to know some do’s and don’ts of hoodies, here are they:


Before getting your hands on a hoodie, consider the purpose of the hoodie. Do you want to use it as streetwear? Then look for a relaxed, jersey fits. You can also pick a silk-cotton blend, having a more elegant looking finish.

If you are in the search for a sporty alternative, make sure to pick a fit snug with a hood perfectly hung at your neck back.

Hoodies are better worn as an off-duty jacket. You can also team it up with a simple t-shirt, denim along with your favorite sneakers or suede boots.

Do a little legwork to learn layering hoodies with other outfits. In winter, hoodies are the most important apparel in your wardrobe that you cannot go wrong with. The waterproof mac coat or a parachute silk parka can offer an excellent chance to keep your hoodie dry even in adverse weather conditions.


If you want to experiment with your look with a hoodie, do not get afraid to blend it with high as well as low pieces. Causal cum smart is something that a suitable hoodie is specialized in.

Do not ignore hoodies being worn as a casual piece. The more you consider it to be formal and smart casual clothing, the better look you will achieve with a cool hoodie.

Pair Your Hoodie with Different Outfits

Hoodies with Jeans

The combination of hoodies with jeans is enough for men trying to get through a chilly winter. You can play around with various color combinations, and be sure to go with any color that suits you well. Modern denim jeans with a nicely fitted hoodie (less dark in color) work well. So, be confident.

Hoodie with a Bomber Jacket

This combination is suited as modern streetwear these days. The pair of bomber jackets with hoodies works well.  

Denim Jackets with Hoodies

When it comes to wearing hoodies in winter, layering is the only classic thing to do. It is all about layering a classic design hoodie with an outer denim jacket. You will want to know a simple rule here. If you are to wear mono-color, then choose a jacket that is in contrast in color.