Follow These Easy Steps To Clean Your Hoody Properly

The hoodie is an important addition to every man and woman’s wardrobe. It is that rare outfit that adds glamour, style, comfort, and utility to the wearer. Hoodies appear in umpteen shapes, sizes, designs, colors, makes and fittings. It can be worn with a layer of other clothing as well as a lone outfit as per the wearer’s choice. The hoodie is useful on a variety of occasions with different types of outfits and accessories. With every new addition of the hoodie with a certain type of a garment a new side of the wearer’s personality is unmasked. Such is the charisma of the hoodie.

A few examples of different types of the hoodie are the Subaru hoodie, Rick and Morty hoodie, etc. An important attribute of the hoodie is its long durability. That is the reason it is preferred to wear by all. However, the extended durability of the hoodie notwithstanding, it has to be taken basic care of in order to keep it fresh and shining all the time. The hoodie is a special type of garment it has to be taken good care of. It does not really require frequent washing as it is generally not worn directly over the body, but even the occasional clean up requires a certain style.

Here are some basic steps to clean the hoodie.

For the Washing Machine

Follow these easy but essential steps to clean the hoodie in the washing machine.    

  • Check the label first: The texture of the hoodie is important as most cotton or cotton blend hoodies are washing machine washable. Wool, on the contrary, needs dry cleaning as it can get ruined in the washing machine cycle.   
  • Turn the hoodie inside out: The zipper of the hoodie should be closed to prevent the hoodie from harming other clothes in the washer. While pulling the hoodie inside out the hood and sleeves should be pulled out from the middle.    
  • Wash it with similar clothes: In order to avoid smearing of colors on the clothes the hoodie should be washed with similar colored clothes. The hoodie should be washed with a  smaller load of clothes.   
  • Use cold water and mild detergent: The cold water and a mild detergent helps top keep the hoodie in its original appearance for the longest. The gentleness of the washing component keeps the hoodie from getting dis shaped.

By Hand

Cleaning the hoodie by hand is tougher and hence better care should be taken to keep the garment maintained.    

  • Get a big bucket: The bucket or the vessel in which the hoodie is to dumped and cleaned should be big enough to stop the water from spilling and allow a comfortable wash.  
  • Apply mild soap: A mild soap bar should be rubbed on the inside and outside of the hoodie till all parts are covered. Alternatively, a damp cloth can be used to dab.  
  • Rinse with cold water: The leftover soap should be rinsed off with cold water and a small piece of cloth.   

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