Haute Couture in a Hoodie

Who doesn’t want to look good? Well, the answer is all of us. However, it is easier said than done. Personalities differ, so does the personal taste. Further, appreciation of beauty is also up to the beholder to a large extent. Dresses, makeup, hairstyle and accessories do their part but ultimately it is up to the X-factor of the user’s personality to complete the look and carry it too.

Here’s the hoodie that can complement anyone following any style of fashion, more so if clubbed with the right styling. So here we present a quick list of style statements that go well with the hoodie.

The layers

This is the style of wearing the hoodie over one or more than one layer of extra clothing. The dapper cool look of this ensemble goes a long way in making the wearer add that casual quickness to an otherwise restrained and serious factor when worn with business formals. It can also be tried out with casual garment to the reverse effect, that is to add a dash of sophistication to the uber cool look. Sharp NF Hoodies teamed with a simple white T-shirt or dark coloured full sleeves really prove the truth in the above statement.

The athleisure look

The unique selling point of the athleisure look is its extraordinary ability to combine the coolness quotient with the ultra-comfortable factor. Often glamour and comfort do not go hand in hand, but here it is nothing more or less than a cake walk. The hoodie ensemble in the athleisure mode makes one look a zillion bucks in the ultra-comfortable zone of ones’ fitness clothing. With the baggy out of fashion, here we have sharp and streamlined clothes to accentuate your hourglass figure, adding a no-non sense air to your swag. An ideal athleisure combination would be an Xxxtentacion sweatshirt with a black hoodie and leather sneakers.    

The jacketed look

A leather jacket is one fashion clothing found in almost every wardrobe. So a hoodie under a leather jacket is one combination which is smart, trendy, wicked and friendly. Use it for all seasons, wear it on all occasions and look at how you stand out of the crowd.

The tailored look

Smart and sexy, customized and caring, that’s the way one can sum up the aristocracy and appeal of combining a hoodie with carefully tailored and made to order men’s wear for a formal occasion. If chosen on sober colours, it is bound to give the wearer a coolness quotient on a serious façade.

With trousers

On the above lines, a hoodie paired with a pair of trousers is the perfect combination for young adults on the threshold of attending youth. It is the sophomore look that tells the tales of a dreamboat teenage just left behind to move on to a more sombre journey.

Thus the hoodie has many moments to it which deserves to bring out in flying colours. Come to Custom Teez PDX to explore the unknown.