How Can A Simple Hoodie Instantly Brighten Up Your Look?

The humble Kodak black hoodie may not seem to be a fashion item in your wardrobe. However, if you are a hoodie lover, nothing could be more fashionable than a simple hoodie, if you know how to style it the right way.

Hoodies are so much versatile that they can be worn on any occasion, anywhere you want. What could be better than a comfortable, loose-fitting hoodie that you can wear whenever you want, without prepping too much? The hoodie look gives you the liberty to rock one; all you want to make sure is – pairing your hoodie with the right piece of an outfit.

Before you head out, take time to read this guide on how to style a hoodie. At Custom Teez, we have talked to some fashion experts to help you with styling a hoodie to get a fresh look.

Defining hoodies

Hoodies are a type of sweatshirt that features a hood. Whether it is casual wear or sportswear, men love to team them up with sweatpants often. Being a protective outwear piece, hoodies can be worn to make yourself comfortable in colder months.

Hoodies are typically made out of cotton, and they are a little loose fitted. The hood is optional; you can wear it around the head or just leave it off. Some hoodies feature pockets so that the wearer can put hands when the temperature allows so.

Outfits that you can try with hoodies

Hoodies with bomber jackets

If you love creating a contemporary urban look, pairing a hoodie with bomber jackets is a good idea. Thanks to the rising popularity of bomber jackets, this combination is going to nail your look. Opt for a zipped hoodie in colors like black, navy, or grey and pair it with a bomber jacket. Choose a bomber jacket that is either made of wool, leather-sleeved, or nylon. To get a complete look, go for dark-colored jeans and sneakers.

Coat with a hoodie

In winter, staying warm and looking stylish at the same time is a matter to think about. Pairing your hoodie with a coat gives you the comfort you are looking for during those cool days. It looks as sophisticated and stylish as you want. You can try this look on your relaxed weekends. Consider trying a white hoodie underneath a dark-colored coat to cope up with chilly mornings. A pair of loose fit pants and sneakers would give your look a stylish touch.

Parka jacket with hoodies

Protect your upper body from the windy weather outside by pairing your favorite hoodie with a parka jacket. This combination looks very practical and stylish on the wearer. To make the look rock, be sure to pick a black hoodie with a black parka jacket.