How Do You Wear Hoodies to Walk in Style?

Hoodies, these days, are worn by almost every man in town. No matter the occasion, it is safe to say that hoodies have become every man's wardrobe-essentials. With ample collection and range of hoodies, styling one is simply a concern for many men. Being an ultimate combo of style and comfort, hoodies are admired by everyone, from students to office goers. 

Knowing how to best style a hoodie may seem to be difficult. At Custom Teez, we are happy to share some of our tips on styling a Japanese Nike hoodie

Hoodies, being a versatile piece of clothing, make it easier for the wearer to pair it with any different item of clothing according to the mood and taste. Just make sure to keep it as simple as you can. Numerous are the varieties, prints, styles, and colors - everything will eventually work in their own way. 

However, in case you are seeking ways to try a classic hoodie, keeping the design very simple can make sense. That means you can opt for a black or grey hoodie, neutral and monochrome colors as well. It is to make sure you can wear any color that suits your taste, which will flawlessly work with your hoodie.

Ways to style men's fashion, hoodies

Dress it up

Hoodies are a very casual look, especially when you consider it as a semi-formal piece of an outfit. If you are after an unforced look, why not put on your favorite hoodie? It does not take much effort to layer your hoodie with a jacket. You may also go for an overcoat or even a smart-looking black leather jacket. To complete the look, pair the hoodie up with a pair of dark skinny jeans along with Chelsea boots. 

Streetwear look

When it comes to wearing hoodies, it never goes wrong with layering. The items you choose to wear must be od different colors, and tones. We recommend a navy jacket, skinny jeans (black colored) along with a pair of trainers. This is the look you can consider wearing all year round. 

Leisurewear or sports

Whether it is for the gym, or you are heading to a pub with friends, sports and leisurewear outfits do not have to get restricted. The key here is to make them look deliberate yet sober. Make sure you put on a classic monochrome hoodie. Use contrast colors in bottom wears.