It is every man's dream to wear something that makes him look fashionable. Whether it is a zip-up Toyota TRD sweater or a pullover hoodie, the comfort they have to offer is commendable. Wearing a hoodie is not just about comfort, but you want to make sure you are looking stylish as well.

Hoodies itself are the type of outfit that suits everyone, no matter what. At Custom Teez, we want to talk a little bit more about pairing up your favorite hoodies with some accessories and outfits to rock the look.

Here are the ways you can incorporate hoodies in your everyday look:

Look sporty

Do you prefer loosely fitted outfits? Or you might be going for a basketball game and want to look sporty. Hoodies are just as perfect for this matter as they can get. Moreover, one cannot even overlook the comfort a hoodie has to offer. You can team up your pullover hoodie with a solid black or white t-shirt, along with fitted joggers and sneakers.


Hoodies are known for their simplicity yet stylish features. If you are the type who wants to achieve that rebel look, hoodies have the potential to offer you so. Just team your favorite hoodie up with a pair of biker jeans and solid color boots. Some trendy aviators will make a statement in this look.

Go urban

If you fancy urban aesthetics on your look, hoodies with joggers and boots are the perfect blend that you can never go wrong with. The key is to be simple and comfortable. For a relaxed and cool look, throw on a bomber jacket over your hoodie and for accessories, do not hesitate to put on a baseball cap and a stylish wristwatch.

Hoodies, these days are not just for lounging around. They are popular for the style and comfort they have to offer. It is about knowing how you can pull off a simple look that does not make you look dull. Just a little bit of research is needed to stay on-trend.

No matter what style you have, mixing hoodies with any outfits in your closet is the key to look good. Remember, even if you go wrong with it, you can still get back on track, if you take time to see which look is for you. Small changes matter and if you are particular about your look, make sure you seek suggestions from friends you have faith in.