How to Buy the Right Hoodie for Traveling?

Traveling in style means carrying comfortable clothing. If you are a travel freak, and hoodie is something you love to experiment pack whenever you are out for a trip, it is worth your while to get your hands on a Japanese Nike hoodie with a pocket.

While traveling, it makes sense that you remain prepared, meaning you need to pack the clothes that suit your travel needs. When it comes to packing clothes for traveling, many get spoilt for choice and become unsure of what to carry and what not. At Custom Teez, we would be more than happy to share our thoughts on how to pick the right travel hoodie. 

Choosing the right travel hoodie 

A good is what that is not too heavy and fits perfectly in your luggage, without consuming too much room. After all, there will be other outfits and travel essentials you are carrying. 

Consider buying a hoodie that comes with pockets so that you can carry your personal belongings in it. If there is no pocket, it will need you to carry extra storage that is not a convenient option for you. 

Make sure to buy a hoodie that is made out of good quality material that serves your purpose. This will make your travel experience to the next level. 

Layering with hoodies 

Hoodies are more like sweatpants, which can work in your favor if you know how to style with it the right way. With some conscious choices, you can turn the most casual outfit piece into a fashionable one. 

Layering is the best way to style your hoodie, and can never make you look dull anyway. Here we list a few options that layering has to offer:

Long tee

Wearing long tees below a shorter and baggier hoodie makes your look casually cool and stylish. 

Denim jacket

Have you given this a thought that a denim jacket over your hoodie can create that retro vibe, which is again super popular these days? If you want to look cool while traveling, make sure you follow this trick. 


Go for an overcoat underneath your hoodie to take the look to the next level. The hoodie-overcoat duo is something that you can never say a NO.