How to Choose the Best Hoodie Based on Body Type?

The silver lining to winter days is that you can bring out the various fashionable layers like jackets, hoodies and coats from your closet. Furthermore, the popularity of the hoodie has not faded yet but it is actually increasing with new fashion styles every day. In that case, if you are confused regarding which hoodie will match your looks and physique then take a look at the points described below.

The experts at The Customteez have recommended the following tips for everybody to consider when choosing the right hoodie for themselves.

What is the Perfect Hoodie for My Body?

The basic stage to understand which hoodie suits my body is to identify the basics of our body type along with the type of clothing that will synchronize with the shape of a man’s body.


When it comes to tall guys then finding the right size or rather the perfect length is very significant. Hence, if you see that you are a bit tall than the average heights then try something that is bit oversized or something with a long line. However, avoid those which are higher than your belt. Cummins Hoodie is a great choice in this case but it also appears good in people with shorter heights. Also, make sure to check the quality of the fabric before taking any hasty decision based on the height and design of the hoodie.

On the other hand, average height or people with shorter height should never go for an oversized hoodie.  Even the long line will only make them look broader which draws more attention to the height. In that case, find something that is slim and fit with sleeves which do not cross where your thumb begins.

The Weight Factor

Heavier guys should remember the fact that the hoodie they are buying shouldn’t grab attention to the belly. The focus here should be to find something that not only flatters your shape but it is also comfortable at the same time. On the other hand, if you are tall then you can go for something that deflects attention from your physique but attract attention to your sense of fashion. On the other hand, if you have an average or short height then will have the opposite effect.

For the slimmer guys, you people must go for hoodies that fit well because the large ones will only make you look thinner than fashionable. The slim hoodie is also recommended for those with the muscular body as it highlights their good physique as well as their fashion sense simultaneously.

Selecting the right style is easy as well as not easy at the same time. You might think that you look will good in black but it is also true that you might appear more stylish by adding some more pieces with it. Furthermore, the style factor actually differs from one individual to another which is lightly influenced by the height and weight of a person. You can wear a light color t-shirt below a zip-up hoodie that has a double pocket. On the other hand, you can also try the half-zip hoodie with a t-shirt of a contrasting color to bring out the best fashion in the winter.