How to Choose the Right Hoodie According to Your Body Type?

During the winter season, what men love the most is pulling out their hoodies and to walk in style. With the rising popularity of hoodies, it is important for you to know what would be the best type of hoodie that suits your body. Be it a BWA hoodie, or a Mac Miller hoodie, if you do not know the right type, it would do much of a help.

What Would be the Right Hoodie Type that Suits Your Body?

Finding the right type of hoodies needs you to know the basic types of bodies along with the cut of the hoodie.


If you are short

Avoiding an oversized hoodie will be good if you are a little bit of a shorter side. Rather, you can pick a hoodie that does not go past the belt and is slim fit, having sleeves.

For taller men

If your height is a tad taller, finding the right length of the hoodie is the first thing to do. Opt for something that is a little bit oversized or long line. Make sure that you check the quality beforehand as it can get shrinked upon wash.


If you are slim

For the slim or average guy, it makes sense that you pick a hoodie that is slim, if you want to avoid sagginess around your waist. In case, you are a bit muscular, slim fit hoodies will suit your look.

For heavier men

If your weight is on the heavy side, make sure that the hoodie you choose does not point out your belly. You should find something that comforts you at the same time compliments the shape of your body. If you are tall, opting for a larger hoodie can do the trick.

How Do You Style Your Hoodie?

If you are seeking colored hoodies, endless is the style options. Below are some of the most popular street styles that you can try:

Black: Wear a zip-up hoodie that is totally black in color to create that incredibly trendy look in winter.

Navy: Try pairing up your navy hoodies with denim jackets as well as a pair of black jeans. As the color of the hoodie and the jacket is similar, yet the differences in texture of the cotton and denim can add a tad depth to your outfit.

White: If you are fan of white colors, your white VW hoodies can elevate the entire look. All you need is to mix it up with some vibrant colored outfit. Team your white hoodie up with a black overcoat with chinos to create a casual look. 

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