How to Keep Your Hoodie As Good As New For a Long Time?

The hoodie is the best fashion friend in your wardrobe.

Provided you take better care of it.

The many other USPs of the hoodie other than its unique headgear fashion statement are its toughness and durability, unisex appeal, ideal clothing option for formal as well as informal occasions, effective accessory in any kind of apparel ensemble, etc among others. However, in order to maintain its appeal and usability of this unique piece of garment a routine washing and ironing isn’t enough. Instead what has been followed is a heavily customized maintenance routine to keep your prized buy as fresh and cozy a wear all the time.

Here we say how to.

Wear it before washing

Too much caring is injurious for health. Frequent washing is detrimental to the hoodie’s health. So in case of caring for your hoodie, the cardinal rule is to wear it as many times as possible before washing it. The biggest advantage of hoodies is that it is not worn without a pair. Or in other words more often than not the hoodie is teamed with a shirt or a sweatshirt and hence chances of the hoodie coming in contact with the skin is lesser than other clothes. Hence it gives you the luxury of infrequent washing and extensive wearing. A little care should be taken to keep it on the hanger and not elsewhere to avoid dirtying.

Use cold water

Hoodies are made of multiple materials. Of which cotton is the most common. Cotton hoodies are basically sweatshirts teamed with a hood coming in two different varieties of either the pull on or the zip-ups. But they are often appliqued with special designs or logos which can get spoilt on hand washing. Hence it is advisable to use cold water while washing it. If the same is done in a washing machine it has to be on a gentle cycle with color guarding detergents. Preferably washed separately, it is best put in a lingerie bag to avoid friction and color damage with other clothes.   

Turn it out

Hoodies are of different types. An example of an ideal hoodie is the Dreamville hoodie. Mostly it comes with delicate designs and appliques in front, hence in order to avoid spoiling the same hoodies should be turned inside out or zipped first as the case may be.

Hang it dry

Artificial drying is injurious to delicate clothes like the hoodie. Hence it should always be dried in the open air and under the sun in order to retain its natural fabric. It should never be forced inside an artificial dryer to avoid unnatural shrinkage in its fine fabric.  

Store it cool

Hoodies must be stored in a cool, dry and dark place, preferably inside a garment bag.    

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