How Versatile Can A Simple Hoodie Be?

No man’s closet is complete without hoodies. Being a street style outfit, a hoodie is considered as an ultimate outfit combination, can be worn in a variety of different styles. Be it a Rick and Morty hoodie or an Infiniti hoodie; it is best to know how to style hoodie to look stylish and feel comfortable at the same time.

Our experts at Custom Teez know how to style hoodies that are considered as an iconic piece. Being comfortable and versatile, hoodies are something that can be worn in many different ways.

How to style hoodies of different colors?

Grey Hoodie

Hoodies are the most versatile piece of men’s fashion available. Do you love hoodies to be classic? Then a grey hoodie is the best bet. The best part about wearing a hoodie is that you can pair it with any colored outfit. Whether you are after sports hoodies for the gym or want to go for pubbing, nothing can beat a classic grey hoodie.

Though it is stylish to wear a grey hoodie as the main piece, you can mix it with outfits like jackets. If you love layering your hoodie with various outfits, then sticking to monochrome colors like grey can be your lifesaver.

Black Hoodie

Are you after a hoodie that is versatile and classic at the same time? A black colored hoodie is a great deal to make you look more stylish. The color black has its perks, and there can nothing go wrong with it.

Black hoodies go well with almost anything on the earth, and this is the reason why men love this color so much. And the best part of it? You can experiment with different looks with a black outfit. With a black hoodie, you can keep things conventional. Wearing a leather jacket with a black hoodie can be extraordinarily casual yet stylish. Never forget the accessories that you can try mixing and matching with hoodies. If you want to add some interesting detail on it, make sure you do not go for all black, instead opt for denim jeans and a pair of sunglasses.   

White-colored Hoodie

Of all the hoodies outside, a white-colored hoodie is the most adventurous color that you can buy. You can also pair your white hoodie with black jeans or chinos, according to your wish. If you love wearing jackets, why don’t you put on a black jacket on your white hoodie?