Pairing Hoodies With Different Outfits Has Never Been Easier

The humble hoodie turned out to be the most fashion-forward element in any man’s wardrobe. Not to mention the practicality and comfort a hoodie has to offer. The versatility of hoodies makes it a go-to outfit option for every gent out there. While you can wear a hoodie in your house, you can also rock it as part of a casual weekend outfit. All you want is to pair it with the right pieces.

Before you pair your favorite kevin gates hoodie with sweat pants, read this guide you may find useful.

A bit about hoodies

Hoodies are a type of sweatshirt that comes with a hood. Hoodies make a great outfit choice for men that are after a casual and comfortable look. Hoodies are made loose using cotton, a piece of fabric. Whether you want to wear it at the gym or work, no doubt, you will make heads turn.

The hood of a hoodie can be used to keep your head warm during colder months. Some hoodies feature a large pocket at the front for the wearer to carry things or put their hands.

Outfits to pair with hoodies

Bomber jacket

If you are looking for a contemporary urban look, why not pair a hoodie with a bomber jacket? The popularity of bombers is enough for this combination to rock. You can try a zip-up hoodie in a basic color for hoodies, including grey, navy, or black. Make sure the bomber jacket you choose is made of wool, nylon, or leather. Complete this look by pairing it with dark denim and stylish sneakers.


Men love to wear comfortable yet stylish outfits, and hoodies are what men seem to die for. Pairing coats with a hoodie is a cool idea to look stylish in no time. While most men know how to wear a coat for formal occasions, very few know how coats work wonder for casual looks.

A coat can be worn to create a relaxed weekend look. All you need is a hoodie to pair it with the desired coat. Consider pairing a white hoodie under a brown coat on your wakened for a casual look. Complete this look with relaxed outfits like loose-fit trousers or sweatpants of your choice.

Parka jackets

Want to keep yourself from the wind, cold, and rain? Pair a hoodie with a parka jacket to stay comfortable during cold or rain. Not only does it help you keep warm, but it can also make you look stylish. Finish this look with some drawstring pants. Or you can choose some tailored trousers to create a smart and casual look.

Choose a zip-up hoodie if you are after a slim-fitting style. For a comfortable look, nothing can go wrong with pullover hoodies. When it comes to layering, zip-up hoodies are a great choice. Now that you have some ideas of outfits that you can try with a hoodie make sure to try them the next time you head out for a casual party.