Secrets To Look Stunning In A T-Shirt For Men

T-shirts are every man’s favorite outfit option. As simple as it can get, t-shirts require very few decisions when styling. They are the default items of apparel for almost every man.

When you pay careful attention to your t-shirt’s style, it can get easier to wear it on any occasion. To do it right, there are some factors that you want to consider. Before you buy a RIP nipsey hussle shirt, you want to look for those factors.

Get the right fit

Men look more attractive in a fitted t-shirt. Make sure that the shape of your tee accentuates your masculine silhouette of broad shoulders. No matter your body type, t-shirts can make you look masculine if you get their fit right. It should highlight the best attributes of your body.

A well-fitted t-shirt should allow you to make comfortable movements. It does not have to restrict how you move.

Get the color right

When it comes to color, nothing can go wrong with white, black, navy, or gray t-shirts. These are basic colors that suit everybody’s skin tone. T-shirts are the easiest way to play with different colors. You can also rock in green, red, blue, or purple if you are someone who wants to create a pop of color under an overcoat. Ensure your t-shirt’s color does not clash with your skin tone.

The fabric of the tee

The quality of your tee is not related to its weight. With t-shirts, the lighter the material, the better it is. However, lighter materials tend to cost you more. If you are someone who would not mind splurging on a quality t-shirt, then go for materials that weigh light.

100% cotton is what most men prefer when it comes to buying a t-shirt. Cotton as a material lasts longer, feels lighter, and looks thinner.

Cotton blends can be good options as well. Cotton-polyester blends are less expensive and are easy to maintain as they crease less.

Rayon, also known as viscose, is a man-made fiber made from wood pulp. This fabric feels smooth and can be a good option for a t-shirt.

Wearing a tee in style

The collar is one of the first things on a t-shirt you want to pay attention to. If you are layering with a t-shirt, the collar of the tee should match the layering outfit. For instance, if you are wearing a jacket featuring a collar, make sure that you pick a tee that matches your jacket well.

Crewneck or V-neck?

Crew necks are for those who have a small chest or sloped shoulders. If you want to create an illusion of broader shoulders, crewneck t-shirts are the ones for you.  

On the other hand, V-necks suit shorter guys because they help create an illusion of height and length. They offer balance to gents with long necks and narrow faces.  

Now that you have a fair understanding of the factors to look for in a t-shirt, buy one that matches your personality well.