Some Interesting Tips On Customizing Your Favorite Hoodie

Hoodies are a suitable choice for many. Not only do they offer comfort to the wearer, but they are also designed to look good on all body types. By personalizing your favorite hoodie, you can take your style game to the next level.
There is no denying that customization helps one to transform a simple hoodie into a unique garment piece. It is the best way to create a whole new wardrobe with lots of hoodies of your choice.
If you are thinking of customizing a Sniper Gang hoodie and looking for some inspiration, we bet you are in the right place.
At Custom Teez, we would like to share some tips on customizing hoodies to make them stylish and unique. Let us have a look at those:

Pick your style

Hoodies come in two different styles: a) pullover and b) zip-up. Pullovers are what you need to drag it over your head to wear it, while zip-up hoodies come with zippers at the front. Both are comfortable.
When it comes to customization, it makes sense that you choose one between these two. Depending on the purpose of you wearing a hoodie, the style would be different.

Identify your message

Is there any theme on your mind? Whether you are designing a hoodie for promotional events, or for a family get together party, the message you want to put forward has to suit the purpose or occasion. Most importantly, if you're going to personalize a hoodie just to get your message across, think of something that goes with your personality.

Be careful with the design

Once the theme is decided, it is time for you to transform your imagination into reality by choosing apt texts and images or both. Be mindful of what you choose, as they are vital in conveying your message to the world.

Keep it simple

The more you keep your design simple, the more effectively you will be able to deliver your message. Pick something simple yet eye-catching to enhance the look of your hoodie.


While choosing the design, you will have to keep the hoodie’s color in mind. If your hoodie is in the light color range, make sure to select dark shades for the design and vice versa. Complimentary colors will help you to make your logo more visible. The color you choose is what represents your persona. If you have an outgoing nature, you will be more likely to choose bright and dark colors.

Position of the design

The most suitable spot for a design is the front of a hoodie. You can also put it on the back if you want it to be more unique. In fact, there is no hard and fast rule. Keep the occasion and purpose of the hoodie in mind before deciding on the position of the design.

To wrap up

Customized hoodies are what that reflect the real you. By customizing your hoodie, you are letting the world be familiar with your signature style and personality. This is why you want to be more specific while choosing a design for your hoodie.