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  • Mind-Blowing Ways to Wear a Hoodie for Men

    Has anyone ever thought that a simple hoodie could effortlessly make anyone look so good? If giving your outfit a sporty vibe is something you long for, nothing can beat hoodies for that matter.  At Custom Teez, we have spoken to experts to bring you to the ways you can style your favorite Kevin ... View Post
  • Sweatshirt Or Hoodie – What Style Suits You Best?

    Hoodies and sweatshirts apparently have a lot in common. This is why; they are often misidentified by people. However, both outfits are considered classic sportswear attires – and these are usually made using the same fabric. Sweatshirts and hoodies are both worn by ages of all sex.        The si... View Post
  • How To Choose Your Perfect Travel Hoodie?

    Hooded sweatshirts (most commonly known as hoodies) have soon become an essential in almost every man’s wardrobe. Wondering what the reason is? Well, they are comfortable and stylish at the same time. Hoodies being made out of warm and soft cotton fleece, men like to grab a hoodie to get out on a... View Post