Tips On How To Choose And Wear A Hoodie

We will look at a piece that we do not talk much about after all: the hoodie. There are many prejudices about this garment, but with all the "thankless" pieces of our wardrobe, it was just a matter of time before it revealed its potential.

So, how do you choose your sniper gang hoodie? What are the criteria to be observed? What's more, how not to pass for a retarded teenager when you put it on?

How to Choose a Hoodie?

A Piece of Indispensable Quality

You literally can't cheat on a hoodie. It's a piece that still suffers from a priori: choose one of approximate quality, and you risk returning the wrong image. A good hoodie starts with good cotton. Look for denser materials than average, slightly compact: they will hold up better over time, and the drape will be prettier.

The Right Cut

For some, a sweatshirt must be worn fitted. It is a way of breaking its sometimes "neglected" side, a well-adjusted cut offering a sharper finish.

Either way, it avoids oversized cuts and oversized styles, at least initially. So while they may have a genuine interest in a streetwear look, it's best to get a handle on the hoodie before trying it out.

Let's Talk Colors

No surprise: blue, gray, and burgundy are still the simplest colors to start with. They will go just as well with raw jeans as burgundy chinos or beige flannel pants. However, if you want to avoid the sportswear dimension (to a certain extent, of course), it is advised that you avoid the white cords on the hood. Look instead for tone-on-tone finishes.

It's an opportunity to try new things; why not a khaki hoodie? It would be a good way to bring originality, without being difficult to wear.

How to Wear a Hoodie?

Offset Formal Parts with A Hoodie

A hoodie in a formal inspired look brings an unexpected shape, creating a strong contrast to the shirt. It is better to stay sober on the colors of such strong contrasts. As always, the blue/white association is infallible. On the same model, we can even imagine the hoodie taking the place of the blazer in a casual chic outfit: formal shirt and small fine knit + jeans or chinos + hoodie. The influences change completely, but the whole remains coherent.

Integrating A Hoodie with A Casual Look

You can play with a hoodie/flannel pants combo, which will be completed with a small pair of white sneakers to echo the piece's origins. However, to give a smarter dimension, an elegant coat is ideal. It structures the silhouette, breaks the loose side of the sweatshirt, and creates interesting volumes.

The hoodie has come a long way as it was confined to stadiums and athletics tracks. The very comfortable piece can be worn at any age and will adapt to many styles, from the most classic to the dark.

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