Top Facts about Choosing the Right T-shirt that You Can’t Afford to Miss

Ask anybody what their favourite clothing is? Nine out of ten will say t-shirt. It is a straightforward garment that you can put on quickly before going out. However, it is also true that the decision of choosing a t-shirt can often be hassling when you don't know what suits you right. Since the t-shirt has been the default garment of most men, it is always bought in bulk in bulk quantities. Moreover, the thought of replacing them hardly come to mind until they begin to fall apart. 


Even though many are used to this habit, yet this is not the right path to take. Besides paying attention to the Rip Nipseyhussle T-shirt style or any other, one should also look carefully over the other parts of the t-shirt simultaneously. Learn more about the top factors that should be considered when buying a t-shirt.


The Right Fit

Most women agree that men look good in a tight t-shirt than loose ones. It accentuates the shape of the body, which highlights the broad shoulders and narrow waist consequently. So irrespective of how a man is built, a t-shirt makes them look masculine. On the other hand, a caveat needs to fit correctly and accentuate your body's perfect aspects, which will not seem like a skintight workout top. 


Given below are some rules of the ideal fitting t-shirt:


  • Sleeves – Perfectly fitting around the arms and not extending to the elbow. When you have big arms, search for a little shorter sleeves or give the sleeves a couple of folds to highlight the muscles. 
  • Shoulders – The t-shirt seams must fit perfectly on the sides of the shoulders. 
  • Length – The top is required to be long enough because it needs to be tucked into the trousers. However, it should not be of a high length that it bunches at the waist. Hence, one should make sure that it extends more than the hip bone as well as goes past the waistband of the pants. 
  • Stomach – The top should stick slightly to the body's curves, but if it is too tight, and you do not have an athletic figure, it will highlight every detail of the stomach. 
  • Neck – It is important to remember that there should not be a gap around the neck while raising your arms. 

An important characteristic of a perfectly fitting shirt is they are not restrictive as they allow for comfortable movement. Skintight t-shirt should be worn only when the person is in good shape because it doesn’t suit someone who isn’t. 

Selecting the Right Colour

Choosing the right colour is equally significant when buying a t-shirt. One can go with white colour as it goes well with all skin tones. Grey generally highlights the body shape. However, one should remember that sweat marks are visible in dark colours. Black is similar to white because anybody can wear it irrespective of their skin tone. It is also true that deeper shades of colour or black tend to fade quickly, plus it can be severe during the day.