Wearing A Hoodie Has Never Been Easier

Hoodies have been around for decades now. Hoodies were invented as a means to protect laborers from the harshest weather while working outside. Today, you will not find even a single guy who doesn’t have a hoodie stashed in his wardrobe.

An outfit born from necessity did not take much time to become a staple for men. Hoodies have gained a lot of popularity, not only because of comfort, but their practicality as well. Men love wearing hoodies because it makes them feel anonymous and warm at the same time.

In the meantime, the association of hoodies with sports has been constant, which is why manufacturers kept focusing on the release of innovative fabrics and designs of hoodies.

The rise of streetwear brands has helped this garment to make a remarkable turnaround, transforming it from a piece of clothing into a modern wardrobe essential. Be it Honda hoodie or Sniper Gang hoodie; it tickles every man’s fancy.

At Custom Teez, we would be glad to share our views on what to look for in a hoodie while buying one.

The color

The humble hoodie has a dynamic feel, meaning you can wear it as a part of layering. Pick something in a subtle shade, or buy something bold in terms of color with logos, to make it a signature piece.

This depends on the look you are after. If versatility and longevity are at the top of your list, it would wiser to go for neutral or understated color. Nothing can beat the color grey.


Investing in good quality material makes sense. There are a lot of attractive new fabrics in the market that are worth exploring. Have a closer look for premium details in suede and silk while buying a hoodie. Or you can also look for a luxurious material, cashmere, if you have the cash to burn.


The quality of a product speaks for itself. Consider buying hoodies, keeping their brands in mind. Also, look for the quality of zips and drawstrings, if any. Do not underestimate the fit of a hoodie. If you are going to wear hoodies on an everyday basis, why not get the best?

Ways to rock a hoodie

Smart yet casual

Dressing up a hoodie has never been this simple. Imagine you are wearing a well-fitted hoodie with a luxurious material under a jacket and over a polo shirt. Complete this look with a nice pair of trousers and leather sneakers.


Hoodies have come a long way, and it has been possible for the comfort they have to offer. The key to athleisure is achieving a look with style and performance. To get a stylish athleisure look, pick a luxurious bomber jacket over a cotton hoodie. Finish the look off with a pair of joggers and sneakers.


This look is for guys on the go. To get a casual look, simply put on a hoodie, featuring thicker fabrics with a white-colored t-shirt underneath. A hoodie with a logo makes it more casual. So, choose a hoodie with a logo that goes with your style.


For this look, go for something with relaxed cuts, bold hues, visible logos, and latest kicks. Give your look a twist by wearing it with not-so-fitted trousers.

Final thoughts

Hoodies give you endless reasons to take advantage of the look it helps to create. Since they are versatile, anyone can rock a hoodie. Not to mention the affordability of hoodies, which means anyone can get their hands on one.

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