What Are the Best Ways to Flaunt in Hoodies?

Everyone out there loves to wear hoodies these days. No matter the type, be it a zip-up, be it a pullover, hoodies happen to offer warmth in the form of comfort and style.  The style quotient of your favourite Yamaha hoodie is undeniable and every man loves it to wear. However, are you really wearing it the way you should? Is it benefitting your style?

Well, wearing a hoodie is a no-brainer for men. You can have that added style in your looks with your favourite hoodie, for this all you need is to team up your hoodie with some accessories that go with it right.

Here are some of the few popular styles that you might be interested to look at:


Casual Layer

No matter wherever you are planning to go, dressing up casually does not have to be sloppy. To achieve the best casual look, you might want to pair up your hoodie with a utility jacket in khaki, grey, green colour. Couple it up with your favourite skinny jeans along with masculine boots.     

Sporty Hoodie

Prefer loosely fitted clothes? Do pair your hoodie with some complementary accessories. Wear a t-shirt under your hoodie along with a pair of joggers and sneakers. Go for a hoodie that is neutral; in colour to add an extra layer of fun and relax.


To get a badass edge, be simple. Team up your grey pullover hoodie with a leather jacket. Wear biker jeans in a darker shade with black boots as well. To complete the fun look, put on a trendy branded sunglass.

Urban Outfit

Do you prefer to add an urban look on your outfit? Fortunately, you can pair your favourite Eminem hoodie with joggers and boots. Throw a bomber jacket in that is either a shade of darker color or somewhere near the military green.

Worried about missing out on accessories? Your look will work best with a baseball cap and a bold wristwatch.

Preppy Design

If you are the man with the preference of preppy style, you can team up your hoodie with some fitted clothes. On your lookout for a new hoodie, you might want to god for something unusual like some patterns, stripped or one shade colors. Stripped and fitted hoodies are more likely to add that sailing influence.

Pair it up with khaki pants, or shorts and brown shoes. You can also complement the look with a fitted denim blue jacket.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you have found your favourite hoodie style from the above popular trendy looks. Have you found your favourite one out of these? Are you going to try any one of these? If yes, why not buy your favourite hoodie from Custom Teez? We have a wide collection of all brands and types of hoodies to choose from. Whether it is the designer hoodies, or hooded sweatshirts or t-shirts, you will have access to a variety of range under one place at an affordable price.