What Makes a Hoodie Comfortable Yet Classy?

Good news for comfort lovers! When it comes to men’s fashion, nothing is more important than comfort. Men’s fashion is getting more relaxed, thanks to the fashion experts. These days, sportswear is made to create a feeling of luxury, and luxury wear outfits are slowly fitting in the category of leisure mode.
You might be wondering what we are talking about. Yes, hoodies are becoming every man’s favorite outfit, not to mention the luxurious feel it gives upon wearing. No exaggeration in saying that they are made that way!

At Custom Teez, we constantly research about the recent trends of hoodies, keeping which in mind, we come up with unique designs that match popular trends well. Be it a Subaru hoodie, or a sweatshirt, our aim is to create something that lasts long and fashionable too.

What makes a hoodie great?

Today’s hoodies are more than offering performance, and there is more to it. If you are a hoodie lover and love experimenting with new looks with hoodies, when you buy a hoodie next time, make sure you look for quality, versatility, and a nice fit.

The fit

Depending on your preference and mood, there are two fit types that you can settle for. One is a fitted one, and the second is a relaxed hoodie. If you are going for a fitted hoodie, make sure your shoulder is snug while the sides of the hoodie should be following the torso. When it comes to layering a fitted hoodie with other outfits, it becomes a little hard. This is why make sure your fitted hoodie is not coupled with a topcoat or a jacket because you do not want your hoodie’s fabric to be rolled underneath.
In case you are picking up a relaxed hoodie, sure you can team it up with your favorite outfits. A little suggestion for every guy out there: never buy a super tight hoodie. It will only cause difficulty in breathing and the worst part is that you cannot team it up with any other outfit.

The fabric

The fabric of a hoodie can make or break it completely. If you are particular about your comfort and do not want to compromise with it, never for something less than comfortable. Picking the right fabric may seem to be tricky, but if you do it right, there would be no regret.
Remember, cotton hoodies are the best. Cotton, as a fabric, is very comfortable that gives the outfit a nice look too. It prevents air from entering inside, keeping the wearer warm. It also absorbs sweat, and you will not face difficulties in breathing when the temperature of your body rises underneath.
Cashmere is another fabric that is also super comfortable. And the plus point? The look it creates is high-end. You can also go for a cashmere-cotton blend hoodie if you want something that is durable and soft.