Why Should You Buy a Hoodie One Size Larger?

When you are looking for a hoodie, it makes sense that you seek the right design and fit as well. A good quality hoodie is something that is made out of the right material and comes in great shape and fit. The size of your hoodie is something that has a lot to do with the way you look. This is why it is important to pick something that goes well with your style and personality as well. 

At Custom Teez, we would like to share some tips on how to purchase a hoodie that perfectly fits your body. 

Why shrinkage occurs?

Shrinking is very natural for a hoodie. It is not that the hoodie you buy will shrink into toddlers' size. Shrinkage occurs in a hoodie due to friction, heat, and water mixing with cotton fiber. Cotton absorbs a lot of water, meaning more shrinkage and contact of the fibers that get folded up with each other, reducing the size of the cloth.   

Hoodies that are made out of cotton are prone to shrink after you wash them. Since the fabric, cotton will continue to shrink throughout the washing and drying cycle, it will continue to fit you less. Now, you must be wondering how to reduce the shrinkage of your favorite Kevin Gates hoodie.

How to avoid shrinkage?

  • You can avoid shrinkage by washing your hoodie in cold water and hanging it dry.  
  • On the basis of the manufacturer or brand, a hoodie is designed differently from each other. That indicates a slight difference in length which might vary from one hoodie to another. 
  • To avoid sizing issues later, make sure you buy a hoodie that is one size larger than what you wear regularly. 

Hoodies that offer comfort

Most hoodies are prone to shrink about an inch or two after they get washed and dried for the first time. This is why a somewhat larger hoodie is recommended. 

Larger size hoodies are always preferable as they get you more coverage and space as well so that you can cover your hands, especially during winter.