Your Everyday Fashion: Different Hoodie Styles to Opt For

With the rising popularity of hoodies, it seems the fashion trend is never going to end anytime soon. In fact, we all know how men love to wear this unique and comfortable piece of the outfit. Men love hoodies as they help them to express their personalities. Any guy would love to fall for one with endless options of colors, styles, and textures. 

Since hoodies are something that is a perfect fit for layering with any other outfit, you can choose to wear them when it is chilly outside. 

At Custom Teez, we are aware of how hoodies are loved and welcomed by all guys out there, which is why we would like to make you look at some popular styles of hoodies. You will also learn about how to rock your look with this wardrobe staple:

Zip-up hoodies

This zip-up style is what sends signals to the level of social interaction. When you flip the hood up and zip it up, it seems you are in your privacy cocoon. However, with the hood and zipper down, you are ready to interact with the world at once. This is the versatility we are talking about. 

Depending on occasions, you can choose how you want to wear it. In case you want to show off your classic t-shirt, wearing the hoodie unzipped with a pair of sneakers and jeans is what you can get for. 

Pullover hoodie

This one can be your ideal friend for those outdoor adventures, football games, or just for walking outside. If you want it to keep simple yet practical, a pullover hoodie is what should be on your hit list. Not to mention the kangaroo-style pockets that are meant to keep your hands warmer during those chilly winters. 


A hoodie without a hood is what we call sweatshirts. These items are as casual as they can get. The sweatshirts that are made today are not really sweated. However, they come in handy if you want to stay comfortable and warm, but do not want the hood. For instance, if you are pairing it with a jacket that already has one, sweatshirts can be an option for that matter. 

Final words

Ready to get your hands on one? At Custom Teez, we have ample options for Kevin gates hoodie and sweatshirts lined up for you to make you feel comfortable yet stylish.